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We are just two and a half weeks away from meeting this sweet babe! Since this could be the last time I'm pregnant I've been trying to cherish the exciting and happy things about pregnancy and take the pains in stride. Luckily lots of things about this pregnancy have been so much better than last time. This baby is sitting much lower than Finn was which means I've had hardly any heartburn. I get it occasionally when I first get in bed at night but as long as I lay on my left side I'm pretty good. So far my feet have not swelled up near as bad as they did with Finn. I can get away with not wearing compression socks every day!I don't feel as big as I did with Finn. In fact I haven't been measuring farther along than I am either. My doctor jokes that I might have a "normal" sized baby this time. Some things have been harder. Like in the beginning my morning sickness was worse, although it didn't last as long.My skin has been pretty bad this time too.…

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