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Baby E birth story

Well, it's been a month since our lives changed forever... Our sweet Emmett Paul was born on May 24th at 12:58pm. It was a beautiful spring morning. We had a leisurely morning. I was able to shower and get  ready while Jeff and Finn slept. I made Finn his usual morning toast. It was so surreal knowing that by the end of the day we were going to have a fourth family member! At about 9:30am we left our house-- one toddler car seat full and an empty infant car seat in the backseat of our car. We drove down the quiet country road to drop Finn off at my parents' house. Again, I just couldn't believe that was the last time we would drive down that road with just one child. It felt so weird!
Jeff and I were going to be a bit early to the hospital so we took the long way on a back road. It was so peaceful riding in the car with my husband. I was so emotional! Every time I thought about where we were going I started to tear up. We made it to the hospital and went upstairs to labor a…

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